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Pink Sand Island

Tikehau, a graceful oval crown of white and pink-sand beaches, can only be described as a picture postcard.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful atolls in Polynesia, the fragrance of the air is matched only by the abundance of life in the bright-blue water. The friendly people, their homes awash with gardens, invite you to share and explore their world beyond imagination.

In Tikehau, fish seem to outnumber people one-billion-to one. In fact the density of the fish in the lagoon is so high that Jacques Cousteau's research group declared it to contain the highest concentration of fish among all Tuamotu atolls.

Fishing is among the primary industries here for the 400 residents. Families share fish parks - underwater fenced areas - where they trap parrotfish and other lagoon species as a primary source of food and income. Families also ship fish by air to Papeete for sale in the local markets. Visitors enjoy endless hours of exploring the perfection of the lagoon through snorkeling, diving, boating and exploring the village of Tuherahera.

Tikehau Hotels

Tikehau Restaurants

Dining on Tikehau

The peaceful setting of Tikehau, blended with fresh fish and international cuisine, creates a dining experience found only in the South Pacific.

The beautifully appointed Poreho Restaurant in the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort sits just a few feet away from the lagoon and specializes in unique French, Polynesian, and International dishes.

The village of Turerahera also offers snack shops and small family restaurants.

Tikehau Activities

Lagoon Exploration

Several excursions are available to explore the beautiful lagoon of Tikehau. The shallow and clear waters allow for snorkeling off the beaches anywhere around the island. Another way to see the vivid coral and schools of tropical fish is a glass bottom boat.


Because of the abundance of large marine life, diving and snorkeling within the waters of this beautiful lagoon is on many visitors’ "must do" list. During dives, it is common to be joined by legions of gigantic manta rays gliding gracefully within arm's reach while schools of reef sharks parade by.

Organized Excursions On Tikehau

Discover Tikehau (Full Day)

For the full day tour, in addition to the manta ray sighting and visit to Bird Island, you will enjoy a typical “paumotu” picnic lunch. After lunch you will make a visit to Pink Sand islet. (Available every day)

Private Picnic on a Motu–Tikehau Pearl Beach Guests

Play “castaway” on your own private pink sand islet set in the magnificent transparent waters of the Tikehau lagoon. Swim with a multitude of colorful tropical fish and explore this secluded natural paradise. You will take an enjoyable 30 minute boat ride to your own privte island where you will enjoy a picnic lunch artfully prepared by our chef. The Escapade Picnic includes the boat ride and lunch served on a private islet (wine & beverages included). The Gourmet Escapade Picnic includes a bottle of champagne and an elegantly set table with your own server to take care of your every need. - (Available everyday)

Tikehau Sights

Bird lovers should make a point of visiting Bird Island – a deserted barrier island home to thousands of sea birds.

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