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The Endless Lagoon

Rangiroa, a string of coral encircling a luminous turquoise and jade-green lagoon, is one of the world's greatest dive destinations.

From the air, the atoll - the second largest in the world - seems to be a giant pearl necklace laid upon the water. Here is a world where 240 tiny islets, or motu, each no more than three feet in elevation, lay upon the ocean for more than 110 miles completely encircling an infinitely deep lagoon.

Surrounded by two legendary bodies of water, Moana-tea (Peaceful Ocean) and Moana-uri (Wild Ocean), the main villages of Avatoru and Tiputa offer the visitor a unique look at the South Pacific. Along the few roads, coral churches, craft centers, local restaurants, and tiny shops provide enjoyable land-based experiences to complement the many activities in the lagoon.

A world where drama and simplicity share the same breath.

Rangiroa Restaurants

Dining on Rangiroa

The secluded atmosphere of Rangiroa seems to add a dash of romance into every entrée.

The open-air Te Tai Roa at the Hotel Kia Ora (closed until 2012 for renovations) offers excellent cuisine and dramatic Polynesian dance and music shows twice a week. The new restaurant at the Rangiroa Beach Resort offers traditionally prepared Polynesian meals blended with international cuisine by French chefs.

The villages of Avatoru and Tiputa also offer a few roulottes, snack shops and small family restaurants.

Rangiroa Activities

For the visitor, the seclusion and serenity of Rangiroa brings an infinite world of colors and sites to your senses.

  • Discover some of the world’s best diving sites.
  • Explore the lagoon waters with 150-foot visibility aboard a canoe, glass-bottomed boat, or while snorkeling in the coral gardens and fish preserves.
  • Be enchanted by the local hospitality on a stroll through the charming and peaceful villages.
  • Tour one of the many working pearl farms.
  • Relax at the resorts hidden along one of the endless beaches.

Diving in the Atolls

To “shoot the pass” is to experience what many have called “the world’s greatest adrenaline rush!” Divers, snorkelers, and even those aboard a glass-bottomed boat are carried in a rush of water between the ocean and lagoon surrounded by seemingly millions of fish. Outside the reef is a breathtaking array of large species along the walls of the drop-offs, including squadrons of eagle rays and schools of sharks and tuna.


Rangiroa's lagoon carries an astounding assortment of marine life, which makes it a prime spot for snorkeling. L'Ile aux Recifs Beach, Papiro Point and the Mahuta area are all known for their superb snorkeling. However, you don't have to go anywhere in particular to snorkel on the atoll of Rangiroa. Just grab your mask and fins, walk out the front door of your hotel and jump in!

Lagoon Excursions

Enjoy a day excursion to Rangiroa's nearby islets, explore the lagoons, the Blue Lagoon, the bird sanctuary, or watch the dolphins frolicking at Tiputa Pass.

Pearl Farm Visits

Some of the most fantastic Tahitian Pearls are produced in the lagoon of Rangiroa. On the island, you can visit one of the largest pearl farms of French Polynesia. When visiting a pearl farm, you will have the opportunity to witness how the pearls are grafted and harvested, learning all the secrets of the cultivation of this mysterious gem.

Other activities on Rangiroa include:

  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Parasailing
  • Kayaking
  • Water skiing

Organized Excursions On Rangiroa

Blue Lagoon Tour with Motu Picnic (Full Day)

Discover this “lagoon within a lagoon”. Feed tropical fish, bird watch, explore surrounding islands and go snorkeling before settling down to your picnic and seeing some sharks. (Available every day from 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.)

Pink Sand Tour with Motu Picnic (Full Day)

On the eastern side of Rangiroa is the beautiful island of Sables Roses, a magical and isolated place with a kaleidoscope of Tuamotus. Spend the morning snorkeling and exploring the lagoon’s hidden jewels, then picnic on a secret island in the center of the lagoon before swimming with tropical fish and coral in the “Aquarium.” (Available every day from 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.)

Ile Aux Recifs Boat Trip and Motu Picnic (Full Day)

On the south of Rangiroa you will find this island with fossilized coral (Feo) walls and stunning beaches. You will take a walk on the beach and explore the various sealife before your picnic lunch. Afterwards, you will head to the natural “Aquarium” and Tiputa Pass.(Available every day from 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.)

Snorkeling in Tiputa Pass (2 hours) *TOP PICK

Get up close and personal with a huge variety of marine life in Tiputa Pass. You will likely see huge schools of fish, humphead wrasse, manta rays and leopard rays and reef sharks. Then finish up with a visit to the natural “Aquarium” to see the multi-colored fish of Rangiroa’s lagoon. (Available every day. Book only at the hotel, 2-3 days prior to tour)

Seascope (1 hour)

This air-conditioned semi-submersible goes just below the surface and allows you to view Rangiroa’s vast sealife through large glass windows. You will glide by barracudas, sharks, dolphins, turtles and manta rays at Tiputa Pass and the natural “Aquarium.”
(Available every day at 8:00am, 10:00am, 1:00pm or 3:00pm)

Bone Fishing (full day) - (1 -2 people maximum)

Experience a fishing tour to catch the famous bonefish, well known by sportfishing enthusiasts. The bonefish, reaching lengths of 35”, find the shallow waters and channels of Rangiroa to be a perfect habitat. It takes good technique to catch this fast and strong fish, making this fishing tour perfect for the experienced fisherman. You may bring your own fishing rod, or one will be supplied. Lunch is included. (Available every day)

Rangiroa Sights


Rangiroa boasts such an abundance of white sand, the atoll can be described as one big beach. That said, Rangiroa does have its share of officially-designated beach areas. Blue Lagoon Motu is perhaps the most popular of the beaches here. Tiputa Point has a wonderful vista point that doubles as a picnic area, while L'ile Aux Recifs is noted for its fossilized coral formations.

Avatoru and Tiputa

The majority of Rangiroa's residents live in these two villages. Located on the western end of a string of connected islands, Avatoru is where you'll find most of the island's businesses, hotels, shops and banks. Rangiroa's airport is also located here. Tiputa is a 45-minute boat ride from Avatoru. Though both communities boast a similar number of government agencies, Tiputa is the main administrative community, with a medical clinic, post office and town hall.

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