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Garden of Eden

About thirty minutes by plane from the island of Tahiti, Huahine, with its lush forests, untamed landscape, and quaint villages, is one of Polynesia's best-kept secrets.

A deep, crystal-clear lagoon surrounds the two islands while magnificent bays and white-sand beaches add drama and solitude to their virtues. Relatively unchanged by the modern world, Huahine offers a slower taste of old Polynesia. With only eight small villages scattered across the island, the few residents welcome visitors with great kindness. Not surprisingly, this fertile world offers rich soil providing the local farmers a bountiful harvest of vanilla, melons, and bananas.

The spell cast by Huahine will last a lifetime.

This name bestowed by Captain Cook in 1769 means "beautiful" in Spanish. The name Huahine may come from the profile of a mountain which resembles the shape of a pregnant woman.

Mythology provides two legends for the creation of the two islands of Huahine: either the god Hiro cut the island in half with his canoe or a spear thrown in a contest among gods pierced Moorea's Mt. Mouaputa and then sailed 100 miles where it split Huahine in two!

Huahine Restaurants

Dining on Huahine

The resort restaurant at the Te Tiare Beach Resort features lavish and traditional Polynesian shows and music performed by the island's best musicians.

Other restaurants include Te Nahe at Relais Mahana, offering a charming local atmosphere of the isolated southern island, while Te Marara, Tiare Tipanier, and Te Manava in Fare feature waterfront settings, South Seas ambience, and Polynesian, French, and International cuisine favored by the locals.

The village of Fare also offers a few roulottes and snack shops perfect for informal settings and picnics.

Huahine Activities

Circle-Island Tour

The quiet roads and waters around Huahine are perfect for leisurely exploration. By boat or jetski, the lagoon and bays greet you as you glide over the bright waters with stops anywhere along the way for snorkeling. By car or bus tour, the scenic roads wind through verdant forests and up to breathtaking vistas. It's easy to fill the day with visits to the villages, walks among the historical sites, and stops at scenic beaches and fruit stands.

Jet Skiing

Huahine's lagoon is famous for exploration by jetski. The shallow waters, large secluded bays, and quiet shores give couples and small groups the feeling of true freedom and adventure. There are several companies that offer full-and half day programs that circle both islands. Guided tours are complete with frequent stops to picnic on your own private beaches and islands.

Hawaiki Nui Va'a Canoe Race

Huahine hosts the start of what is best described as the "Super Bowl" of canoe races. The Hawaiki Nui Va'a is the world's largest and longest international open-ocean canoe race and covers a grueling 77 miles between Huahine and Bora Bora. The start and finish are celebrated with a great festival of food, music, and dance.


Huahine's dive sites are less discovered than other islands and present a quiet underwater world perfect for beginning and intermediate divers. Sites feature yellow coral gardens and concentrations of reef fish, eagle rays, tuna, and grey reef sharks.

Other activities on Huahine include:

  • Snorkeling at the many quiet beaches.
  • Guided walking trips.
  • Sail boat charters and motor boat rentals.

Organized Excursions On Huahine

POE Lagoon Boat Tour with Picnic (full day) *TOP PICK

Have a day of adventure around the island of Huahine and its lagoon. Your guide will introduce you to the island’s legends and Faie’s famous eels before gliding along the lagoon to the coral garden and pearl farm. Let the warm waters wash over your feet while you feast on delicious local delicacies prepared before your own eyes, at lunchtime on the motu (a small islet). Your day also includes a local craft demonstration, fruit tasting and snorkeling in the lagoon. (Available every day from 9:30am - 4:00pm)

Sacred Sites and Legendary Places 4x4 and Walking Tour (3 ½ hours)

Educational land tour focusing on the geology, botany, archeology, history and traditions of Polynesian society. (Available weekdays only. 8:30am-12:00pm & 1:30pm-5:00pm)

Jet Ski Guided Tour (2 ¾ hours)

Enjoy a guided jet ski tour around Huahine Iti. (Available every day. 9:00am-11:45am & 1:00pm-3:45pm)

4-Wheel Drive Safari Expedition (4 hours)

Aboard a guided, 4-wheel-drive, open-air jeep, discover the marvelous sights and landscapes of Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti. (Available every day. 8:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-5:00pm)

Polynesian Immersion by POE, with lunch and SUV Tour - (Full Day)

What could be better than traveling through Huahine in a comfortable, air-conditioned, luxury SUV? Set off from the main village of Fare and visit the historic and archaeological sites around the village of Maeva which still harbors archaeological relics. Next, head to Faie and its river full of blue-eyed eels before enjoying a lunch of local fish at Poe’s home, specially prepared by her. Do a bit of snorkeling before continuing on your island adventure. (Available every day from 9:00am - 4:30pm)

Horseback Riding on Huahine - (Half Day. Full day also available)

Embark on a 2-hour horseback ride on a gorgeous beach along the Pacific Ocean. Open to both beginners and experienced riders, 3 daily departures will allow you to enjoy the landscape of Huahine in different colors of the day. Refreshments will be served at the end of the tour. (Available every day at 9:00am, 2:00pm or 5:00pm for the sunset)

Huahine Sights

Fare Village

The largest town in Huahine is concentrated within only a few blocks. The village comes alive each day with the arrival of the ferry and when the fishing boats display their daily catch. Most of the island activities begin here including land and lagoon tours, car and bike rental, guided historical tours, glass-bottom boat tours, diving, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, etc. Most of the restaurants favored by the locals are also located here.

Historical Sites

The largest concentration of pre-European marae (ancient temples) are located in Huahine. The local guides are very knowledgeable and enjoyable to hire for guided walks among these religious and mythical sites.

Other sites on Huahine include:

  • Ancient fish traps of Lake Fauna Nui.
  • Vanilla plantations and fruit gardens along the road on both islands.
  • The blue-eyed eels of Faie.
  • Belvedere lookout on Mount Turi overlooking Maroe Bay.

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